Parent Stock Farm

AKM Glitters manages three Kuroiler breeder farms. The first farm is located 21KM north-west of Dar es Salaam at Mbopo village in Mabwepande Ward in Ubungo District, the second farm is located at Yombo Village in Bagamoyo District and the third farm is located in Kiparang’anda B Ward in Mkuranga District.

The Mbopo Parent Stock Farm complex is comprised of four chicken houses with a total capacity of up to 12,500-layer chicken parent stock. There is also office cold store and Farm manager’s house.

The Yombo Parent Stock farm has six chicken houses with total capacity of 7,500 breeder chicken (males and females). It also has adequate space to construct more modern chicken houses to double the current laying flock capacity.

The third Parent Stock Farm in Mkuranga District has four chicken houses with total flock capacity of 4,600 hen and cocks. The farm also adequate space for the construction additional modern chicken houses. The Mkuranga Farm is currently dedicated for brooding of replacement parent stock for the Mbopo and Yombo farmers. Additional breeder farms are planned to be established in Southern Highlands and/or Lake Zones as the demand for Kuroilers increases.

Six additional breeder farms will be established in future.

The objective of the breeder farms is to produce eggs for the hatchery plant in Mbezi. With the eggs from the parent stock farm, the hatchery will produce Kuroiler day old chicks which are sold to the franchised brooding enterprises established in the regions.