AKM Glitters has Modern Hatchery Complex at Rungwe Street, Mbezi Beach Area, Kinondoni. The expanded hatchery plant has the combined capacity to produce 100,000-day-old chicks per week.

 The Hatchery Complex consists of the incubation, candling, hatching and day-old chick sorting, grading, and vaccination and packaging zones.There is also a laboratory unit, a standby 80-KVA diesel generator and an incinerator for disposal of non-solid wastes.


The entire hatchery complex is fitted with a network sustain to facilitate rain water harvesting, storage and use for hatchery operations The rain water harvesting and storage system has a back-up from the public water distribution of Dar Es Salaam Water Supply Company. AKM Glitters plans to setup additional hatcheries plants in Southern Highland and Lake Zones and Unguja in Zanzibar to decentralize the produce day Old Chicks from hatching eggs from the Breeder Farms, which currently done only in Da es Salaam.