Community Development and Outreach Programs

Outreach program in Ilula-Iringa

AKM Glitters Company Ltd implements a unique stake holders driven model which is inclusive and with consensus based initiatives.

The Outreach leads the sensitization, recruitment and training of the brooder units; operation and smallholder chicken farmers. The Outreach and Extension services team has 16 livestock experts in animal production and health.


The technical support team trains brooder Unit Operators and provides them with technical assistance to enable them to build the technical capacity to become independent enterprises. The Technical Support team is staffed by 10 Veterinary Doctors

Strategically, AKM Glitters Company Limited has decided to employ young graduates, fresh from colleges and universities and invested in training to grooming future cadre of poultry professionals. With technical and funding support of World Poultry Foundation and BMG has invested to equip these youth with requisite practical skill and positive work attitudes.
This team works hand in hand with government extension officers in the villages. The technical support and extension services teams work in very close collaboration with the network of government extension officers. As the business portfolio grows, there will be an opportunity to hire more extension officers mostly youth graduates.

In addition:

We assist stakeholder groups with synthesizing common interests and tackling the challenges of trust-building, social, economic, environmental, and health disparities and multiple languages.

Our staff is on your team to identify and convene inclusive stakeholder groups and build and strengthen community relationships. Research, data mapping and constituency feedback inform our design and delivery of tailored outreach.

We implement a process which sets the stage for building consensus and meeting strategic goals. Clear and concise communications and materials are developed that the general public can comprehend, use and share.

Services we offer:

  • Sensitization
  • Capacity Building
  • Focus Groups
  • Social responsibility
  • Public Participation
  • Stakeholder Liaison
  • Community Visioning
  • Entrepreneurship training and business development