Bringing hope to the poor people in rural areas
We are reaching out in rural areas to sensitize and develop rural society to advocate for the organic and indigenous chickens at a business level.
First group to be awarded legal certification by VETA
Through SwissContact partnership under their skills development model, four groups were trained and graduated in Morogoro.
Poultry healthcare and vaccination
The case of disease out break in a folk of indigenous chickens can have disastrous consequences. Prevention is always better than cure.
Feeds for organic chickens and indigenous chickens
AKM Glitters feed mill facility produce subsidized feeds for organic chickens and indigenous chickens.
Promoting organic and indigenous chicken breed farming in rural areas
Organic and indigenous chicken play an important role in the livelihoods of most rural families in Tanzania.
Breeding Hatcheries at Mbezi Beach in Dar es Salaam
Existing poultry hatchery produce large number of chickens at one time so the resulting birds are uniform in size and can be harvested at the same time. Once the eggs hatch and the chicks are a few days old, they are often vaccinated.
90% of women benefited from the training we conducted in Morogoro
Village chicken production can have a profound effect on the well being of rural families. Since women are often the family members responsible for both the care of poultry and the preparation of the family's meals.