Organic Poultry Products & Chicken Feeds

What we do

  • Producing and selling chicks of genetically most appropriate chicken breed for smallholder family chicks farms.
  • Producing and distributing affordable quality chicken feed.
  • Facilitating access to affordable quality veterinary medicines and vaccines.
  • Extending veterinary and extension services to rural smallholder chicken farmers.
  • Building the technical and business capacity of rural smallholder chicken farmers through a franchising model.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Saturday: 08:30 AM - 03:00 PM


AKM Glitters Company Ltd
P.O.BOX 35404
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Opposite Mlimani City, Sam Nujoma Road.
+255 22 2771664
+255 783 833 335
+255 22 2771664
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About US


A leading company limited in Tanzania providing efficiently and effectively in a quality manner services tha unlock potentials for growth and competitiveness of chicken farmers in rural as well as urban areas while making profit contribute to economic status of the country


The central purpose and role of AKM Glitters is to create and sustain indigenous entrepeneurial base through the promotion of organic and indigenous chicken by providing them with business development services and technical training.

Core Values

The implementation is guided by the following values:

Provision of demand driven services

  • Sustainability
  • Professionalism
  • Specialization
  • High outreach
  • High impact

Strategic Objectives

Goals and AKM Glitter Company Ltdvision will be achieved through effective implementation of the following set of objectives:

  • To enhance technology development

  • To improve training, consultancy and extension services
  • To develop and improve marketing and informatiom for the farmers
  • To improve and expand financial advisory and credit services(small loans) to farmers
  • To sensitize and develop rural society to advocate for the organic and indigenous chickens at a business level
  • To enhance capacity building of the identified farmers through skill transfer
  • To sensitize and develop saving and credit cooperations(SACOSs) and saving and credit associations(SACAs) to rural chicken keepers

AKM Glitters Company Ltd believe and recognize that every profiting making business has the fundamental responsibility of expanding its service to rural in line with poverty reduction and contribution to economy.

Values in place are the motto for the all operations giving priority to consumers and beneficiaries of all our projects. All these are achieved in a committed manner with the goal of being models to all citizens and making a difference in all our operations.

Gaps In Indigenous/Organic Poultry

Training of the beneficiaris in the management of poultry projects in the rural

Placement of the extension officers who will be assisting in the management of the poultry projects

Carrying out vaccinations to the birds prior to the distribution of day old chicken is crucial to reduce contanination of deseases to hte newly distributed birds. At present this crucial exercise is not done hence these birds motality is high especially during the epidemic seasons where chicken die at 100%.

The birds are distributed without any traceability. Meaning that the day old chickens are being sourced from unknown or authorized sources.

No monitoring and evalutions is being done hence no performance statistics are available of the assistance.

There is no simple guideline to be used at rural level and in simple language.

Activities Which Have Been Conducted Since 2007

  • Open a farm at Miembe Saba at Kongowe Pwani Region
  • Work with Kwachaga farmers in line with rural poultry keeping through training
  • Hatching of day old chicks for farmers and individuls
  • Training 300 farmers through passing on the skills session to Pwani and Dar es Salaam regions

  • Training needs assistance conducted in Pwani region

  • Agree to collaborate with ADIS non governmental organization to train poor farmes
  • Trained and monitors about 300 poor farmers from Pwani and Dar es Salaam regions
  • Installed a chicken feed mill which only makes subsidizing feeds for organic chickens and indigenous chickens
  • Under Mkubwa project which was funded by World Bank, 800 women poutry keepers were trained, mentored and coached for 3 years from 2009 to 2013. The regions inluded Coast Region(Kibaha Ditrict), Dar es Salaam Region(Ilala, Temeke and Kinondoni Districts)
  • Under IFAD funded project, Muvi programme, AKM Glitters conducted business development services to farmers(cassava, mango, bee keeping an poultry keeping) in Rufiji District.
  • RLDC poultry sector project: AKM Glitters are co-fecilitators in Dodoma, Tabora and Manyara Regions
  • Work with poultry keepers in Bigwa, Kilakala and Kauzeni wards of Morogoro